Arrived in London

You know when you are in London and the first thing you smell out of the plane is the Thames river. It's so distinct, you can't miss it. We love the English efficiency: landed at 7:45 AM, right on time, the passport control took a total of 5 seconds (I even got a "Cheers" from the Customs rep), and the ski bag was already on the ground, waiting for me by the time I got to baggage control. At 8:15 we were cruising away with our rental cars. LOVED IT! You also know that you are in England when you see a tow-truck pulling a double decker bus on the M1.

Layover in chicago

We are waiting for the next flight to London, gathering the necessary energy to start the trip: beer, Chicago style pizza and good blues. We have 2 hours in the windy city. Next blog will be from the old continent.

Departing Denver February 23 2011

Everything is set. Skis are already on the plane. Team us pumped. We are ready to do this! Next stop Chicago, then London.

The adventure begins on February 23, 2011

First leg is from Denver to Chicago to London. Stay tuned for more updates from the other side of the pond.