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Photo contest

The first person that names 10 landmarks from the picture in the link wins a Nordica product. Use the comment section to post your answer. Good luck! http://gallery.me.com/iphone/pietro73/100199#0

Picture link

We will try to upload pictures as we travel through Europe http://gallery.me.com/pietro73/100199

Scotland - Glenshee ski resort #2

From the sea coast of aberden to the mountains of the scottish highlands - I was going over my best Christopher lambert impersonation in the car, we finally got to Glenshee ski area. The temperature was a toasty +5 Celsius and the wind blowing at full force. I guess that the resort also received a good dose of rain in the past 48 hours. But the spirits were high, and I absolutely love small ski resorts like these. Besides the bad luck with the weather, the runs were actually pretty sweet. The folks at the cafe were super nice and the manager Stewart very accommodating.

Milton Keynes SnoZone Resort #1 England.

One down, 29 to go. Milton Keynes really fascinated us from the very beginning, because it's the only place in our entire tour that is completely indoor, and full of artificial snow. In some ways, we wanted to start it this way.... we really hope that it's not the future of skiing, but we also admire that the Brits found the best alternative possible. The structure from the outside is seriously massive, and the shops, restaurants and amount of people inside shocked us. We were not expecting anything like that. It's an enormous complex - much more than just an indoor ski resort.