Post trip comments: Naoussa - Greece

CONGRATULATIONS!! For me and the people of Naoussa, you have made a record even for trying this unbeleivable effort!  We were folowing you in your adventure and we all understand the difficulties you had to face  opposite the Russian winter. Personally I am proud to meet you and for your comments about Naoussa and the warm hospitallity. Also for the skiers you met on the slopes , they wrote great coments for skiing with you ( It was their best day of this winter!), especially when the TV channels mentioned your visit for more than 4 times.

ATA makes it back to the US

We are all made it back to the US. Great trip, we will be posting pictures and article in the next few days. Thanks everyone for this amazing adventure.

Decision time

Talked to the Bila residents about the next leg of the trip. They are advising us that the road conditions ahead very tough. They are surprised we are attempting the Nordics leg with the Panda. (the 13 1/2 hours to cover 376 km comes to mind). Gigi is under the weather with a bad cold, and my back is starting to feel tight (need doctor Ante). Physically and mentally the toll of the trip is starting to weigh in. Weather forecast is also predicting heavy snow in the Baltics.

Ski Bila by day - Czech Republic

We wake up at Ski Bila with a crazy snowstorm outside. It's unreal since they haven't had snow in quite some time. Going to take advantage of the powder day right away.